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Natural “Inheritance”


  This program, funded by the Environment and Conversation Fund, features a family being led by their father as the “head of the family” to put environmental conservation into action in their own home with a view to fostering children’s unwavering, persistent belief about environmental preservation to be passed down to their next generation as a natural “inheritance”. The slogan for this program is “Dad goes green, we make a team!”

  Activities in Kindergartens : A 2-hour talk named ‘Natural “inheritance” from Dad’ has been conducted in 20 kindergartens across Hong Kong, having experts and volunteers teaching fathers how to conserve the environment in their own homes.  


  The Eco-Friendly Notebook for Heirs : Every participant in the talk will be given an eco-friendly notebook which is made from FSC-certified paper and printed with soy ink and which has a plastic-free cover. To “make the most of it”, included in the notebook is the natural “inheritance” – the secrets for conserving the environment in the areas of clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment”. In addition to a set of disc pool game where players can learn ways to protect the environment, there are cartoon papers for them to create chess pieces and dice. Children are encouraged to present the notebook to close families as a gift when getting older. An electronic version is available at the DADs Network website for download. 

  “PapaChatters” Webcast : DADs Network has produced an eight-week special program featuring environmental protection, with 8 episodes in total, each of which lasts 10 minutes and is released on Youtube Channel and Facebook every week. 

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