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  Founded in 2015, DADs Network is a non-profit making organization based in Hong Kong. With an aim to promote the critical importance of the father’s role in the family, we are dedicated to fostering an active fathering culture by offering dads multifaceted support which includes organizing talks, training and parent-child campaigns, and providing a rich source of information. 
  “Date with DADs” at school as one of the major campaigns of our organization has been highly commended by schools and parents. In the past two years, seminars have been held in 50 primary schools and kindergartens attracting more than 6,000 fathers along with their children. The seminars are well-received and have enlightened the participants with the importance of father’s engagement in their children’s growth and the positive impacts it will bring to a family. 
  Published in 2017, “Hello Daddy: Fathering Dictionary” was jointly created by Benny Papa, a parent-child columnist and Mr Tang Boon Pong, a famous artist, sharing parenting buzzwords with dads through comics in a bid to enhance the parenting knowledge of novices. 
  DADs Network launched a sequence of activities every Father’s Day. “Fun Dad Makes Good Parenting” event was jointly run by a number of organizations in 2017. Following that was the 2018 massive campaign, namely “Dad, Have a Home Sweet Hug!” held in Maritime Square which engaged one hundred families while legislative councilors and celebrities were invited to bring their children along and share parenting tips. The participants were together making a world record of a hundred families having a parent-child embrace. 
  In 2018 and 2019, the two programmes, namely “Dad Has a Way with Parenting” and “Dad’s Theme Song”, were approved by the Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS) to be aired by RTHK. With volunteer dads as hosts, they served as a platform for males to share their parenting and child-rearing tips, thoughts and feelings.  


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