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Child Development Fund


       The Child Development Fund (CDF), founded in 2008, is a tripartite, cross-sector collaboration among the community and family, the business sector and the Government. CDF aims to support longer-term development of children from a disadvantaged background, with a view to alleviating inter-generational poverty.

       CDF funds projects operated by non-governmental organisations and schools throughout the territory. These projects seek to encourage children to plan for their future, develop a savings habit, and accumulate intangible assets such as positive attitudes, personal resilience, social networks, etc., which are all useful attributes for future development.

      Each project comprises three key components, namely Personal Development Plan, Targeted Savings and Mentorship. Training and value-added activities are also provided to participating children, their parents and mentors to help cultivate a supportive environment for the children's personal development.

The Child Development Fund School-based Project (Ninth Batch):
"Brave Youths"
  • Encourage participating children to set up their Personal Development Plan so that they can have valuable experience to identify their own long-term vision and goals and take steps to achieve them.

  • Each participant will be matched with a volunteer mentor to obtain support throughout the three-year programme by meeting the mentor at least once a month to broaden the participant's social networking skills, enhance his/her self-confidence, communication skills and guide him/her to achieve the personal development plan with the mentor's personal experience and skills.

  • Targeted savings enables participants to understand the concept of wealth management and to cultivate a habit of saving tangible.

  • intangible assets like social networking skills, resilience and positive attitudes to achieve their own personal targets and vision.

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