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Travel with DADs

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  The programme, funded by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation will be held in Sheung Shui, Fanling and Tai Po through collaboration with kindergartens, primary schools and social welfare institutions across business, social service and education sectors.  A variety of parenting talks and parent groups are run in a bid to unite dads to share their parenting tips and feelings of joy and displeasure, and to establish a support network of dads as well as promote mutual trust, support, understanding, and complementary roles across three generations. More importantly, the programme aims to transform grandparents and parents into volunteers to care for other families in need in the district. 


1.     “Travel with DADs” seminar
2.     “I Got Ya!!” DADs’ Chat Group 
3.     “Old, Know my Grandkid” Cross-generational Workshop
4.     “X MEN” Chic Dad’s Workroom

Service Areas: Sheung Shui, Fanling and Tai Po

Target Group: Fathers of children aged 0 to 12 and other family members

Programme Coordinator: Terrence Chan

Primary Schools, kindergartens, social service organizations and social enterprises are welcome to participate in or co-organize the programmes with us.

    Furthermore, LEE KUM KEE Family Foundation also sponsors us for creating a board game called “轉數塊”. Players are required to apply the geometric shapes composition, strategic thinking, and eye-hand coordination drill in the game. The objectives of the game are to strengthen a parent-child bond and to grow together while having fun. 

Game instructional video:
Detailed text version:
Boardgame giveaways:


Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation

        Founded in 2008, Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation launched the “Loving Family Learning Platform” where public can learn how to better communicate with their family members and enhance family cohesion by viewing short films on the platform and participating in our sponsored family programs. 

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