Dads are No Gamblers@Don’t Gamble Tea Restaurant

  The campaign, funded by Ping Wo Fund, features a parent-child card game with a view to motivating parents to teach children to resist gambling/not to indulge in gambling and to set a role model as a dad free from betting. It also educates and raises their awareness of workers and customers in the catering industry about the hazards of gambling for prevention. Healthy “anti-gambling” games are conducted in schools to help students develop their resistance to betting.

  Designed for the programme was a card game made up of “Don’t Gamble” cards which convey the “anti-gambling” message and promote “Tea Restaurant Culture”; it includes four cartoon members in the family called “Don’t Gamble” Family led by the father. Not only can the simple but exhilarating card game serve as a leisure activity that replaces gambling, it can also promote the “anti-gambling” message more easily, effectively and realistically with its publicity campaigns implemented in tea restaurants and schools. As the “Don’t Gamble” card game has been introduced to the primary schools in all districts of Hong Kong, it helps enhance students’ understanding and awareness about the risks of gambling, instill in them correct values and create a gambling-free atmosphere on campus so that students are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


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