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Date with DADs@Office 

      While many fathers strive for success in their career, they can be loving and responsible dads – having both ways appears to be a tug of war, but it may not be a lost cause. Toward this end, DADs Network provides dads with practical parenting tips and useful resources in support of fathers in need. We can even demonstrate the importance of the father’s role and help you build a network of dads in your company. 

  Employers can play a part in the work-life balance of their employees. Work-life balance boosts productivity, and a good fatherhood lays the foundation of a healthy and happy family. Research indicates that employers also benefit from workers having a happy family life. Recently, economists of the University of Warwick have found that happiness and a sense of well-being can enhance workers’ productivity by 12% whereas unhappiness reduces it by 10%. Professor Au Si Wo who leads the study points out that that companies that are willing to allocate resources to supporting their staff and those that reap staff’s contentment are more likely to have happy staff. Coupled with that, a number of studies reveal that a healthy family life contributes to employees’ positive emotions and in turn an increase in their productivity. As an employer, you can consider offering a variety of incentives to your workers, such as family-friendly facilities in the office, flexible working arrangements that facilitate child-rearing, or luncheons that give out parenting tips. 



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If your company is interested in holding “Date with DADs” in the office, please contact us for arrangement.

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