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  We welcome fathers that share our belief to join our fathering volunteer team (Dadvocate). Join us, gather our strength and support one another!

      Join us and you can be a seminar speaker, a group tutor, an event host, a school representative, an event volunteer or an instructor for speakers.


A message from an instructor of speakers

A very experienced fathering instructor will provide tips at our website or on our facebook and design teaching materials for fathering workshops. 



Assisting to implement campaigns

Speaker’s Message


I really enjoy the activity named “Date with Dad” where I could share my “6A parenting theories” and other child care tips. 

Mr Li Ho Lim, Vinic 


Be our fathering volunteer representative in school or in the office

I feel good being able to inspire people to become more competent fathers.

Ah Fong


- Join us -

Email your name and contact details to

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