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Date with Children 

  Father’s early involvement in parenting is of great help to the child’s development. The first step to building positive connections and interactions with your children is to spend more time with them. DADs Network organizes parent-child activities specifically designed for fathers to help them engage in the growth of their children more actively.

“Father-daughter Dance”

  Different studies have proven that girls with positive regular interaction with their fathers communicate better with both men and women in the future. To encourage dads to have a “little date” with their daughters, DADs Network co-organized with “The World Needs a Father” an event called “Father-Daughter Dance” in September, 2017 to create fond memories that last a lifetime for them.   


“Father-Son Adventure”

  “Sports is a human life in microcosm” having ups and downs, the good and the evil, the right and the wrong. The way we treat sports reflects the way we live our life. DADs Network promotes active fathering through sports in cooperation with the Asian Association of Sports Psychology. Not only can sports nurture children’s perseverance and self-confidence, but it can also bring the parent-child relationship to the next level. 


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