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A programme under “Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS)”

“Dad Has a Way with Parenting”, “Dad’s Theme Song”

  “Dad Has a Way with Parenting”, sponsored by Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS) and hosted by volunteer dads, is a radio programme for fathers to share their thoughts, feelings and tips about parenting and child-rearing. “Dad’s Theme Song” is a platform in which fathers bare their heart and give thanks to their wives, sons, daughters, relatives, etc. through songs. By expressing their expectations and feelings of joy or displeasure, the fathers are encouraged to be more actively involved in nurturing their children to build a better home.  

  Each episode of “Dad’s Theme Song” features fathers of diverse family backgrounds, classes and professions. It starts with the topic made known by the volunteer host who then plays the pre-recorded self-confession of a few fathers and songs of their choice. The thirteen episodes, where feelings and experience are shared from the perspective of males in the first person, address issues dads often run into, such as husband-wife relationship, approaches to parenting, relationships across three generations and further education. Each episode ends with a mom responding to the topic and giving encouragement.


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