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Shall Dads Talk

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  The programme, funded by Community Investment and Inclusion Fund and co-organized by kindergartens, primary schools and social welfare institutions in the district, is implemented in Tin Shui Wai through collaboration across social service and education sectors. A variety of parenting talks and parent groups are run in a bid to unite dads to share their parenting tips and feelings of joy and displeasure, and to establish a support network of dads as well as an interfamily network with mutual trust. More importantly, the programme aims to transform parents into volunteers to care for and provide assistance to other families in the district. 


    By helping fathers to build a support network of mutual trust and assistance, it can produce a culture in which fathers play an important role in the family. The programme further turns parents into volunteers who are able to build an interfamily network for support and to serve the community. Efforts are also made to establish cross-sectoral platforms, where partners across different industries can cooperate and contribute to families in need with their complementary strengths. 

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